Recipe Testing

The past couple of weeks I’ve been testing out various recipes for both ice cream flavors and waffle cone flavors. For ice cream, I’ve been trying to nail down the best recipes for making a root beer ice cream and a dairy-free root beer sorbet. With the waffle cone recipes I’ve been trying out some variants beyond the standard “vanilla” waffle cone.


The root beer kick was sparked by recently discovery of an awesome little gem of a store in Redmond: The Root Beer Store. If you or someone you know
loves ice cream, this place has everything you could ever want. The folks working there are also super knowledgeable about root beer and very friendly.

So I bought a few bottles of different brands of root beer and I am gradually trying out a couple different variations to find the best one. I am also going to try making the ice cream with root beer extract, going straight to basic ingredients. This way I can try tweaking the various spices and flavors directly. Thus far, the results have been delicious!

Meanwhile, the waffle cone variations I’m trying to pin down are peppermint waffle cones and almond waffle cones. The first batch turned out tasty but way too subtle. Time to turn the flavor up a notch or two! My goal is to try out some gluten-free recipes for waffle cones, too. That way, even people who are allergic to gluten or have wheat-free diets can enjoy a delicious ice cream cone!