Christmas Comes Early

This past week we got a lot of purchases delivered, including a huge, heavy box. What could it be?

It’s my new ice cream machine! A Musso Lello, from Italy. I ripped open the box and behold, the ice cream machine in all it’s shiny glory. image

It’s shiny and big and heavy, but is it any good? So we fired it up for its inaugural batch of ice cream last night. I had a few bottles of homebrew stout that a friend of mine made. He’s requested that I made ice cream out of them some day. So some mixing and waiting and churning later, ta da! Stout ice cream! I’m not a big fan of beer (they all taste the same to me) but even to a novice beer drinker, it tasted great! My taste testers (aka roommates) agreed.


The new machine did splendidly. It was so much quieter than my old machine (a Cuisinart ice cream machine with canisters). In addition to getting rid of the loudness issue, being able to just start churning without worrying about whether the canister had been pre-frozen enough was so nice. Plus, the ice cream churned up really well, the texture was so luxurious looking. Even though I didn’t need it for this batch, the lid is designed in such a way that it will be so easy to drizzle in swirls or other add-ins. My only complaint is that it is a bit tricky to clean, since the bowl is not removable. Overall, though, that is so worth all the other benefits. I can’t wait to try another batch!