Our Kickstarter has Launched!

To support our inaugural summer we’re doing a Kickstarter Campaign!

For those that don’t know, Kickstarter is a website that let’s people “crowdfund” projects to not only support the project but get fun rewards, too. BUT, we only get a limited amount of time. AND, if we don’t make our total amount of money, then no one gets charged. It’s all or nothing! If we succeed then we make ice cream and you get your rewards (ice cream! stickers! t-shirts! hoodies!). If we don’t succeed then you don’t lose any money.

Please donate some $ to get our delicious, eco-friendly, local ice creams and sorbets into Farmers Markets!
If you cannot donate, we understand! You can help us out by spreading the word to more people.

Click to pledge or use this link to share: http://kck.st/VCwmyc

Thank you everyone!