Kickstarter Progress

(Update: We made it! )

Ahhh! So crazy! We have 11 days left in our Kickstarter project and we’re at 48% funded. I’m thrilled with our progress but starting to bite my fingernails at how close March 3rd is. We’ve had sixty-one awesome backers so far, including a bunch at our $1 and $5 levels. Even the small donations add up.

Tomorrow (Thursday) we’ve organized a Tasting Party to try to drum-up more backers. I’ve been working like crazy on some great flavors to bring tomorrow. Here is the list:
French Vanilla Ice Cream
Strawberry/Balsamic Ice Cream
Chocolate/Hazelnut Ice Cream
Popcorn Ice Cream

Coconut/Red Bean Ice “Cream” (dairy free)
Apple Riesling Sorbet (dairy free)
Cherry/Chipotle Sorbet (dairy free)

If you’re in the Seattle area, come on by and try some of our tasty ice creams. And please consider helping us out by backing our Kickstarter campaign. 🙂