Spring Update

Spring has sprung!

With wind, rain, snow, and sleet: it’s totally ice cream weather! Right?

It is for me, at least. Since our Kickstarter project was successfully funded I’ve been running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to get everything ready for summer. It’s so exciting to finally jump into gear with some money behind me. So here’s various accomplishments that have happened in the past couple weeks.

Farmers Markets:
The biggest news is that Cosmic Creamery has been accepted into the Issaquah Farmers Market! You’ll find our booth there on Saturdays during the summer, starting June 8th. I’m still working on applying to other farmers markets and I’ll post updates on where you can find our ice cream here on the website as I know more information.

Ingredients & Stuff:
I’ve been doing a lot of research for the awesomest sources for local and sustainable ingredients. It’s actually kinda nice to have lots of options. One of the hardest decisions will be which local coffee vendors to choose for coffee flavors! Although some items are being particularly tricky (like local chevre goat cheese) but I do have a few leads.

new_bannerIn preparation for this summer, I’ve been buying various Cosmic Creamery supplies for our farmers market booth. This week I got a spiffy banner, started stocking up on compostable spoons&bowls and got some punch-cards printed (Kickstarter backers with free scoop rewards, your punch-cards are next in the queue!). For my various Kickstarter backers, I’m tracking down good sticker, t-shirt and hoodie sources. I’ll be sending out an update to you all next week.

stout_bubblesIce Cream:
Where’s the ice cream? Oh my goodness, we’re almost to the point where I can actually sell some ice cream!  I’m thisclose to getting the paperwork signed for a commercial kitchen space. As soon as that’s taken care of I can start making ice cream that the state of Washington says is OK for people to eat.


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