End of Summer!

Ah, summertime! Warm sunlight, the scent of sunscreen, blue skies, high temperatures and the perfect excuse to eat ice cream! I’ve been having a blast this summer getting to be at the Juanita Friday Market and the Issaquah Farmers Market. Sadly, the Cosmic Creamery summer is coming to a close. This Friday and Saturday will be our last days at farmers markets for the summer of 2013.

I’d love to continue vending at farmers markets into the fall, except that I’m a teacher and the school year calls. Once I master being in two places at once I’ll be able to be in the classroom and churning ice cream at the same time. Until that invention, though, Cosmic Creamery is going into fall/winter mode.

Fall and winter will look waaaay different for us. The plans so far are to aim for some winter craft fairs and festivals in November and December. At the same time I’d love to be able to offer ice cream orders over the internet for local delivery. I’m still doing the research for that (my best bet for hosting for online orders fell through) but I’ll post updates here on the website when I know more details.

Our first summer has been so incredible.  I’ve gotten to share so many flavors of ice cream and sorbets with many wonderful people this summer. It’s been wacky and difficult at times but so worth it.  I’ve also met some amazing vendors at the markets and had the privilege to buy amazing Washington state produce to use in making my ice cream.  I cannot be more grateful to everyone who supported us! From my family, to my Kickstarter backers, to the vendors at the markets, to everyone who ever stopped by our booth at a farmers market and had some ice cream: Thank you!

If you don’t catch up with us over the colder months, I’ll see you next summer when we hit farmers markets again!