About Us

What We Do

old_school_strawberry2Cosmic Creamery is dedicated to making delicious ice cream made of real, fresh, local ingredients. Our flavors are interesting, weird, familiar and crazy. We’re always creating new flavors (based on our customer feedback!) and trying new combinations. We’ll always have dairy-free/vegan options and don’t use any additives or artificial ingredients.

Our ice cream and sorbets are lovingly handmade in small batches from the best ingredients on the planet: dairy and produce from Washington state! If an ice cream or sorbet calls for an item we can’t get in Washington we go to the best sustainable, fair-trade source from elsewhere.

Who We Are

The Cosmic Creamery was started in 2012 by yours truly, Kelly Faber. I’ve been making lots of ice cream at home for years, to the delight of my friends and family. I enjoy eating ice cream and some of my best memories from childhood and adulthood center on the amazing flavors (Crazy Vanilla! Marsh Mud!). The more I made ice cream, the more flavors I wanted to try, the more recipes I found and designed. Since ice cream has had such a strong impact on my life I decided that I wanted to share my love of frozen desserts with the world. 2015 marks our third summer of making and selling ice cream for farmers markets!

Many of my friends and relatives would have dietary restrictions that made it difficult to find ice cream or sorbets they could eat. Therefore when I handmade their customized flavors they were really excited. Since I was collecting so much experience making allergy-friendly or specialty diet recipes, I knew that there were more people out there who would appreciate it.

When I’m not making ice cream I teach at an elementary school, read lots of science fiction and fantasy, play tons of board games, hike and birdwatch.


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